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Become a Morgue Assistant

Do you have an interest in biology and the human body? Have a head for figures and a logical mind? When most people turn their heads away from death and disease do you find yourself intensely curious and wanting to know more? If this sounds like you, then you may wish to become a morgue technician or morgue assistant.

As a morgue technician it is your role to both assist the pathologist in the autopsy process as well as take care of the morgue. If you become a morgue technician a typical day as a morgue assistant may include preparing and sterilizing the morgue and its equipment. You would then bring in the body and prepare it for autopsy, joined by a pathologist or medical examiner. Other duties may include tagging and documenting possessions of the deceased as well as seeing to their wishes concerning organ donation, dissecting organs and other parts, labeling and identifying information that could relate to the cause of death. A morgue assistant may also be responsible for administrative duties such as preparing lab reports.

An important part of this career path is being a key part of the law enforcement process. When you become a morgue assistant you may be responsible for finding information as to the nature of a suspicious death, collecting clues as to how the death occurred which can contribute to the prosecution of those involved.

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Career Outlook

Morgue technicians are employed by hospitals, morgues and funeral homes. There are also positions available in law enforcement agencies. Some technicians move on to become pathologists or to work in other areas of hospitals or in some cases careers in law enforcement. There is also opportunity to move into research or teaching.


A morgue assistant or morgue technician will earn on average $40,000 per year. With further training and experience there is room for promotion and with this an increase in salary.

Job Requirements

There are two paths to become a morgue technician. The first is a four year college degree in the area of crime scene investigation, forensics, science, or biology. If you have a full time job or family commitments, then you may wish to study online, there are many degree programs which are flexible in their design which allow you to become a morgue technician or assistant.

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