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Become an Autopsy Technician

Are you intensely curious about the human body, have an investigators eye for detail and an interest in criminal justice? If so, then you should consider a career as an autopsy technician or autopsy assistant.

Working as an autopsy technician, your role would be to assist a pathologist or medical examiner during examinations of deceased persons. The Autopsy technician will assist to determine the cause of death of the person being examined, and in the case of suspicious deaths, seek out information as to any crimes which may have been committed.

When you become an autopsy technician you have a very important role to play in the field of law enforcement. Autopsy technicians and assistants are responsible for finding vital information that can point to the cause of a suspicious death and help lead to the capture and prosecution of the guilty parties involved.

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If you have an interest in biology, the human body and science then you may wish to further investigate how to become and autopsy technician. Many people who have regular jobs dream about doing something more exciting with there career and follow their true interests. Although it may seem like a far off dream, with the right degree and qualification you can have the job you aspire to.

If you become an autopsy technician, you could expect your daily role to include tasks like preparing a body to be examined, assisting with the autopsy and recording events for the pathologist, collecting specimens and delivering them to the laboratory for further testing as well as the care of laboratory equipment and tools. A autopsy assistant could also be responsible for releasing the body to the funeral home and seeing that any requests of the deceased, such as organ donation are met.

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Career Outlook

An autopsy assistant may be employed at a morgue, hospital or funeral home as well as by law enforcement agencies. Many move on in their career to take on more responsibility in the autopsy process, become pathologists or move into hospital administration or management. With training, others become researchers or teachers in the field.


The average salary for an autopsy assistant is around $40,000 per year. This can increase with experience and promotion. There are many job opportunities across the country for qualified autopsy technicians and assistants.

Job Requirements

To become an autopsy assistant or technician, you will need a college degree with a focus on science or biology. Even if you don't have any formal qualifications now, it is possible to become an autopsy technician with the right degree. With online education you are able to study in your own time to achieve a degree which will allow you to gain work as an autopsy assistant, even if you are currently working full time.

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